Music and Literacy ~ Dinosaur Pet

Dinosaur Pet

Reading to children has proven to be essential for speech and language development. However, have you ever thought about singing a book to your child? Singing, is a natural activity for children and provides opportunities for them to build language fluency which can transfer to other aspects of their lives. Songs, like predictable books, help children link oral language to the written language through rhyme, rhythm and repetition. When songs become quickly memorized the music can be used as a structural prompt to reinforce the relationship between the songs text and the words in print.

Over time, I will be sharing several of my favorite books to sing to my students on this blog. Some of the books will be songs that have been turned into books and books that can easily be turned into songs.

The first book I would like to share is this wonderful little find called Dinosaur Pet.  My students have loved singing along with me as we sing through all the months of the year. What is wonderful about this book along with the catchy tune of “Calendar Girl” are the colorful pictures and the bonus CD that comes with the book.

At the end of the song I have been able to ask the students a variety of questions such as:

How many months are in a year?

What is the story about?

How many turkeys did the dinosaur eat on Thanksgiving?

What costume did the dinosaur wear for Halloween?

What color toothbrush did the dinosaur brush his teeth with?

How long was the dinosaurs tail?

If you had a dinosaur what would you name it?

My students have surprised me with how many questions they have been able to answer!  I recommend this book to all parents, teachers, and therapist!!  It has been a wonderful way to teach calendar skills, rote counting to 12, answering “Wh” questions, comprehension, and gross motor imitation.

If you  have this book in your collection how do you use it with your students?


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