music in the classroom

Music can play a major role in the elementary classroom.  Here are just a few reasons why!
  • Music is a wonderful motivator
    • Children naturally enjoy the rhythm, rhyme and repetition.
  • Music creates a bond
    • between the teacher and children and among the children themselves.
  • Music stimulates the imagination
  • Music introduces new vocabulary
    • in a meaningful context.
  • Music aides in long-term retention
    • As adults we still remember many of the songs we learned in our childhood.
  • Music is a right brained activity
    • Children with learning disabilities or left-brain dysfunctions often find success with music.
  • Music lends itself to repetition
    • The children want to sing the same songs over and over.  The repetition helps the child to internalize language.
  • Music aides in fluency
    • Children who hesitate or stumble over words when they are reading, find that their language flows as they sing.
  • Music allows children to get their whole body involved
    • in a song as they keep beat or dance to the music.  Learning is further accelerated through movement.
  • Music is a great transition
    • from one activity to another

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